A program designed for those wanting more out of their sport and to develop into the best sportsperson they can be.

Participation in our athlete development program helps to create opportunities with State and National sporting bodies in offering elite representation in your preferred sport offered through our program.

Here at Macleay Indoor Sports & Development Centre we are dedicated to enhancing the development of emerging & elite athletes and coaches, with and without disabilities. We provide a holistic training environment for athletes, as well as courses and resources to further develop their knowledge and skill of their preferred sport, This includes exposure to highly qualified, high performance coaches & mentors from experts in the fields of strength and conditioning, sports nutrition and mental skills. With an acute awareness of their bodies, the ability to manage their minds and a solid understanding of the science of sport, our athletes and coaches are able to reach their optimal potential, compete at higher levels and excel through the national ranks with the support from our state and national bodies.

  • Cricket Development Head Coach – TROY McKEIRNAN
  • Netball Development Coach – Currently unavailable
  • Soccer Development Coach – Currently unavailable


Parents also have an important role in the development of their emerging athlete. Parents of emerging athletes often find that supporting their son or daughter can be demanding, expensive and time-consuming work. So it’s important to understand your role in their development. All parents of emerging athletes can access information sessions that address:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Mental Skills Training
  • Sports Nutrition

There are many of these sessions available online which can help parents answer questions such as:

  • how can I prepare simple, healthy and inexpensive meals appropriate for my emerging athlete?
  • How do I know when to begin my son or daughter’s planned strength and conditioning?
  • At what point should I enlist a mental skills coach to interact with him or her?


  • Talk to your child about their interests. Find out what physical activities or sports appeal to them.
  • Recognise and respect your child’s reasons for playing a sport or practicing a physical activity. They might want to compete for medals and titles, or they might simply want to have fun and socialise through activity.
  • Be positive when supporting your child, regardless of results. (Research has shown that children retreat from activity when their parents become demanding about results!)
  • Support your child’s activities as a parent, not as a 24-hour coach. Your role is to assist with transportation, good nutrition, rest and balanced lifestyle and let your child’s coach be the coach.
  • Support your child’s coaches and instructors. If you have questions or concerns other than physical safety, approach them when they are not busy coaching or instructing.
  • Your child might pursue extra interests outside sport and physical activity, and things can get busy in a hurry.  Help them to balance their time according to their best interests.
  • Educate yourself on good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits for your child.  Consult sport and health websites, books, magazines and videos, and ask your child’s coach or instructor for guidance.





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Macleay Indoor Sports & Development Centre was originally established in 1978 and was formally known as Kempsey Indoor Sports.

The business changed hands in August 2013 has undergone major re branding. With a refreshed vibrancy, Macleay Indoor Sports enjoys the reputation as the only centre of its kind for a 300km radius .

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