Indoor Netball is a variation of netball played exclusively indoors, in which the playing court is surrounded on each side and overhead by a net. The net prevents the ball from leaving the court, reducing the number of playing stoppages. This gives indoor netball a faster pace than netball.

There are two main types of indoor netball, “6-a-side” and “7-a-side”. Indoor netball has a larger focus towards mixed-gender matches than netball does, although ladies’ games, and to a smaller extent men’s games, are ever-present. While the sport does not have as large a following as netball does, its popularity is growing in countries such as England, South Africa, Australia  and New Zealand. The sport is administered at an international level by the World Indoor Netball Association (WINA).

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SUPER LEAGUE is our Representative competition. We encourage players to approach our friendly staff if they are interested in participating for this comp. Players are required to travel to regions such as: KEMPSEY, COFFS HARBOUR, INVERELL and GLEN INNES

NSW & AUSTRALIAN TEAMS are available to selected players from UNDER 12’s through to MASTERS as well as special needs. Trials will be announced in centre and on our social media pages and of course this site.


DATE:     Thursday Nights

TIME SLOTS:     6:00pm , 6:45pm , 7:30pm

AGE:    U/11’s & U/13’s

REGISTRATION:     $15 per season per player + $5 per game per team

DATE:     Thursday Nights

TIME SLOTS:     6:00pm , 6:45pm , 7:30pm

AGE:    13 years and up

REGISTRATION:     $100 per season per team + $45 per game per team








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Macleay Indoor Sports & Development Centre was originally established in 1978 and was formally known as Kempsey Indoor Sports.

The business changed hands in August 2013 has undergone major re branding. With a refreshed vibrancy, Macleay Indoor Sports enjoys the reputation as the only centre of its kind for a 300km radius .

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