Centre Rules and Policy

Centre Rules and Policy


To help maximise your enjoyment while playing any sport at the indoor sports centre we ask that you and your team mates become familiar with the rules and conditions of entering into a competition and also the specific rules of your chosen sport. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse if you or your team mates do not read and acknowledge the rules and conditions of playing any sport at the centre – or the specific rules for each sport. These rules and conditions can also be viewed at your discretion at the centre.

The following is an outline of the general rules and conditions of playing any sport at Macleay Indoor Sports Centre:  MISDC & Competitions BY LAWS   MISDC Competition Rule Book  MISDC TERMS AND CONDITIONS


  1. Each sport competition consists of a comp/ Rego fee. This fee includes an insurance component in the event some body may injure themselves. All sport is considered an activity involving physical risk – therefore we encourage all players to warm up before games and if it is a matter of concern to consider personal private health insurance.
  2. In addition to the comp fee each sport has a specific weekly team fee’s. These fees are to be divided between the number of players on the night. We hope all players respect the necessity of these fee’s and are compliant. If a player does not pay their way they will not be allowed to take the court and in extreme situations not welcome to play at our centre.
  3. It is the responsibility of each team to pay the entire team game fees in full each week. Individual payments will not be excepted – Eftpos transactions are the only exception .
  4. Comp rego is to be paid with in 3 weeks of the competition starting
  5. There is a mandatory uniform rule for all  sports. We can provide a contact for you to purchase uniforms through – or they can be acquired independently.
  6. If there is any outstanding fees before the finals series the team in question must pay overdue fees or risk being suspended. Depending on the circumstance – a team may be expelled from the finals if they have not paid overdue fees. In this case the next fully financial team on the competition ladder will be awarded the finals position.
  7. All games in the finals series attract the normal game fee, including the grand final.
  8. Prizes will only be given out to teams that are fully financial – ie all team fees must be paid in full, including the grand final and all other game fees,. It is the responsibility of each team to check their financial status before the finals series. Therefore – if a team has failed to pay the full game fee – including entry fees – they will not be entitled to prizes.
  9. Full team payment will only be accepted regardless of the amount of players attending. If a team is short of players – they must still pay for the entire team fee. The exception is for juniors – whereby the attending players are the only players that pay. See counter staff if your team is struggling for players.


  1. When a team enters a competition at Macleay Indoor Sports Centre the team commits to a competition that runs for anywhere upto 16 weeks.
  2. If a team cannot attend their regular game, at least 24 hours notice must be given.
  3. If a team forfeits within 24 hours or fails to notify the centre – they must pay for that game fee or risk being expelled from the competition.
  4. Macleay Indoor Sports management will always endeavour to salvage a game for the attending team affected by the forfeiting team. The game will be played as a normal competition game. The non-offending team must pay the game fee as if it were a normal game. 3 forfeit game points will be awarded regardless of the game score. This will be generated on the competition ladder as 3 points. Failure to pay game fee as per normal will result in no points being awarded and the non-paying team risk being expelled from the competition.
  5. If a team forfeits without giving warning or a legitimate reason more than 2 times they may be at risk of being expelled from the competition.
  6. Teams that are short of players can phone the centre and ask for fill-ins players to be organised, as opposed to forfeiting. For full game points to be awarded at least half the registered side must be present.


  1. A team can only enter the competition finals if they have played 8 or more games in a competition – this does not include byes.
  2. If a team enters after round one, the team will be awarded average points -the average being calculated by the total competition points in the grade  divided by the amount of teams in the allocated grade.
  3. A player can only play in the finals if they have played a minimum of 5 games for the same team throughout the normal competition season.PLEASE NOTE : Macleay Indoor Sports Centre holds the right to suspend or expel any team or player from the centre.


  1. All equipment is supplied by Macleay Indoor Sports Centre – however individual players are welcome to use their own gear. Gloves, grips and other items can be purchased at the centre.
  2. It is encouraged that all indoor soccer players wear shin pads.
  3. Net abuse or misuse of any equipment may result in suspension or expulsion from the centre.


  1. Aggressive or foul & abusive language or behaviour, directed at staff, umpires, players or spectators.
  2. Rough, aggressive or dangerous play on & off the court.
  3. Striking or fighting in the centre or carpark.
  4. Court or equipment abuse
  5. Consistent forfeiting
  6. Unregistered players and ongoing or continual debt. See individual sports rules for suspension rules. No refunds will be given for match fees if teams or players are suspended or banned from Macleay Indoor Sports Centre.