What Is A Nutmeg In Soccer?

A nutmeg, also known as a tunnel, nut, megs, megnuts, panna, brooksy, or codling, is a skill that is mostly utilized in association football, although it is also utilized in field hockey, ice hockey, and basketball. The objective is to get the ball (or puck) between an opponent’s legs by kicking, rolling, dribbling, throwing, or pushing it (feet).

What does it mean to nutmeg someone in soccer?

To play the ball through the legs of an opponent in order to gather it on the opposite side of the court. The nutmegger is experiencing the same feelings as George Best, and the victim wishes that the earth will just open up and consume him.

Why is a nutmeg so humiliating?

It is mostly utilized in the sport of soccer, although it is also attainable in the sports of basketball and hockey. It is believed to be embarrassing to be nutmegged because it makes the defender look like a fool by having the offensive player literally dribble or pass the ball straight below the defender, between her knees. Nutmegging is thought to be embarrassing.

What does the slang term nutmeg mean?

According to him, the Oxford English Dictionary describes the word nutmegged as ″arising in the 1870s and coming to signify ″to be misled or mislead, especially in a manner which makes the victim appear silly.″″

Which footballer is the best at nutmeg?

During the match between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid that took place at the Wanda Metropolitano in November 2018, Messi performed what is widely considered to be the most incredible nutmeg that any of us have ever seen on Filipe Luis. If it had been practically any other footballer, we would probably chalk it up to luck as the primary factor.

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Who has most nutmegs in football history?

It is not out of the question that they will one day become the most talented group of nutmeg artists that the world has ever witnessed. Watford has a total of 47 nutmegs, which is when the ball is threaded through the legs of an opponent. This gives them an eight-point lead over any other side in Europe.

What does it mean if you get megged?

Description. If you do not shut your legs in Major League Soccer, you will be megged. This season offers some of the finest opportunities to catch megs.

Why is it called a meg in soccer?

It is a rhyming slang term for the legs. You’ve been nutmegged right through the nutmegs and right through the legs.

What is a panna in football?

In association football, field hockey, and basketball, a player would roll or throw the ball between an opponent’s legs to perform a maneuver known as a nutmeg, panna, or tunnel. This maneuver can also be referred to simply as a ″meg″ or ″tunnel″ at times (feet).

What does it mean to get megged in soccer?

A nutmeg can be depressing for the player who receives it, but it can invigorate a whole team if it is successful in removing a player’s competitive edge. It is a move that would be appropriate for a showoff or a genius. The nutmeg has the potential to be the most crowd-pleasing move that is not really scoring a goal, and it often animates fans more than actually scoring a goal does.

What does the red card mean in soccer?

The authorities can eject a player from the game by showing them the red card if they commit a serious foul. It results in the player being automatically ejected from the game, and the player’s side will continue to play with a man advantage for the duration of the match. If a player has already been cautioned twice for a yellow card offense during the same match, a red card may be issued.

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How did the term nutmeg originate?

According to Seddon, this name refers to shady dealings that took place in the nutmeg trade in the 1870s. In those days, nutmeg was considered such a valuable item that merchants would often smuggle wooden copies of the spice into England along with the real thing. The act of being tricked and made to appear dumb by a cunning opponent gave rise to the slang phrase ″being nutmegged.″

Who is the king of nutmegs?

In addition, Marcus Rashford is the undisputed king of nutmegs at Manchester United. He has completed nine of them in the league so far this season, which is four more than any of his teammates and, in fact, a total that is only topped by one player across the entirety of the league.

How many nutmegs does Neymar?

In the words of Samuel Johnson, when a man has had enough of nutmegs, he has had enough of life. According to FBref, Neymar ranks highly on the list of the players who have completed the most nutmegs in Europe’s top five divisions this season. The football world’s most charismatic player now holds the record for the most nutmegs accomplished in Ligue 1.

How many times Messi nutmeg?

At the moment, Messi is in sixth place with 10 nutmegs, two behind the leaders Alejandro ‘Papu’ Gomez and Jesus Corona, who both have 12 thus far. Below you will find the complete standings according to KickOff.com.

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