Who Hit 6 Sixes In An Over In Test Cricket?

  • Herschelle Gibbs, a former batsman for South Africa, was the first player in the history of international cricket to knock six sixes in a single over.
  • While Shastri and Sobers were the first two batters to accomplish this milestone, Herschelle Gibbs was the first player to do so.
  • The Proteas opener, who is notorious for his destructive hitting style, could not have performed as well on a more important platform.

Who is the first batsman hit six sixes in an over?

During the match between South Africa and the Netherlands that took place on March 16, 2007, the World Cup was being held in the West Indies. Former South Africa opener Herschelle Gibbs became the first player ever to score six maximums in one over during the match.

Who hit 7 sixes in an over?


Who hit 6 on first ball of test?

Mark Craig, a cricketer from New Zealand, played his first test match at Sabina Park in Kingston, Jamaica, against the West Indies between June 8 and June 11, 2014. The off-spinner who was born in Auckland and was batting at number eleven on the last day was responsible for setting up a declaration.

Who hit longest six in cricket history?

Brett Lee of Australia is the owner of the official record for the longest six in the history of cricket. He is the player that passed the rope by around 130-135 meters. The longest six ever hit in an international cricket match: Be familiar with the leaders.

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No. 1
Player Shahid Afridi
Team Pakistan
Distance (metres) 158m (unofficial)
Year 2013

Who is Sixer King in cricket?

Chris Gayle is the current holder of the record for the greatest amount of sixes hit in international cricket. He has hit 553 sixes across all three formats of the game in his 483 career outings. This indicates that the Universe Boss has scored 3,318 of his total 19,594 runs through the use of sixes alone.

Who is the fastest 50 in cricket?

Despite the numerous blitzkriegs by batters over the past decade and a half, however, former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh still holds the record for the fastest 50 in Twenty20 cricket. Yuvraj Singh achieved this record thanks to his memorable knock against England at Durban in the inaugural ICC Twenty20 World Cup in 2007.

Who hit 6 sixes in IPL?

When Stoinis struck his third six in a row, supporters began to get excited about the possibility that he would become the first player in the history of the Indian Premier League to hit six sixes in a single over. It is possible that the fact that no hitter has ever struck sixes in a single over during an IPL tournament would come as a shock to some people.

Who started test career with six?

In the annals of test cricket, Eric Freeman holds the distinction of being the first player in the game’s history to begin his career with a six. In 1968, the batting all-rounder made his debut for Australia against India in Brisbane, and it was during that match that he accomplished the remarkable accomplishment for the first time.

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Who started six in cricket?

#OnThisDay in 1898, Joe Darling of Australia became the first person to smash a six in the history of test cricket by hitting the ball out of the Adelaide Oval during a match against England. During that period, even successfully clearing the border would only result in five further runs.

Who faced the first ball in cricket history?

Bannerman started the batting for Australia, and as a result, he is considered to have had the honor of facing the first ball ever delivered in a test match (the bowler being England’s Alfred Shaw), as well as scoring the first ever run in a test match.

Who is world’s biggest 6?

153-yard six hit by Shahid Afridi against South Africa in 2013 It should come as no surprise that Shahid Afridi owns the record for hitting the longest six in the history of international cricket given that this is a name that consistently occupies a prominent position towards the top of such lists.

Who is fastest bowler in the world?

  1. 1. Shoaib Akhtar, Pakistan (161.3 kmph) Umran Malik
  2. Shoaib Akhtar
  3. Brett Lee
  4. The name Mitchell Starc
  5. Shaun Tait

Who is the best finisher in the world?

First place goes to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the world’s best finisher.

Name Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Nation India
Playing Career (National Team) 2004-2019
Matches Played (Test/ODI/T20I) 90/350/98
Runs Scored (TEST/ODI/T20I) Test: 4876 ODI: 10773 T20I: 1617

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