Who Won Olympic Soccer?

The list of Olympic football champions

Olympics Gold Medal Bronze Medal
Tokyo 2020 Brazil Mexico
Rio 2016 Brazil Nigeria
London 2012 Mexico South Korea
Beijing 2008 Argentina Brazil

Who won the 2020 Olympic mens soccer?

As a result of their victory over Spain (2-1), which took place on Saturday at the International Stadium Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan, during the Tokyo Olympics 2020 men’s football competition, Brazil became the sixth team to win back-to-back gold medals in Olympic men’s football. Prior to Brazil, only four other men’s teams had ever won the gold medal in successive editions of the competition.

Who won the soccer Olympics 2022?

Although Chile had a strong showing overall, it was the country’s soccer squad that ended up being the highlight of the competition. Chiles won the gold medal in 7v7 soccer by earning a 2-0 victory over Team Texas while competing under the name ‘Team Florida.’ This marked the first time in the history of the program that Chiles finished in first place on the podium.

Who won Olympics 2020?

The United States of America is expected to win more medals than China in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, including more gold, silver, and bronze medals overall.

United States 39 41
China 38 32
Japan 27 14
Great Britain 22 21

Who won Olympic gold in mens soccer?

Brazil, who also took home the gold in Rio 2016, is the sixth nation in the history of Olympic men’s soccer to successfully defend their title. Mexico prevailed against Japan in the match for the bronze medal, winning 3-1. This report contains contributions by Will Fowler.

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Who won 2020 Women’s soccer Olympics?

After both teams finished the regulation and overtime periods with a 1-1 draw in the championship game, the gold medal match was decided by a penalty shootout, in which Canada prevailed over Sweden 3–2. In the game for the bronze medal, the United States of America prevailed against Australia by a score of 4-3.

Who won the last Olympics?

Medal tally for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

United States 46 38
Great Britain 27 17
China 26 26
Russian Federation 19 19

Who won last Olympic football?

Brazil won the men’s football gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics by defeating Germany in a penalty shootout. As the home team, Neymar converted the game-winning penalty kick. After a penalty shootout in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil won their first ever men’s football gold medal by defeating Germany 5-4.

Who is in the lead in the Olympics 2021?

On Monday, Japan grabbed the lead in the number of gold medals won. The United States comes in second position in this category with seven first-place finishes, behind the nation that is playing host to the competition, which has eight. The complete medal tally for the Olympic competition may be seen on the official website of the Olympics.

What country won the Olympics?

Medal tally for each nation in the 2022 Olympics

Country Gold Silver
United States 1180 959
United Kingdom 296 320
Germany 293 293
France 258 289

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