After one completed round of the Tuesday night squash competition, it has been a bit of a one horse race with Peter Shaw’s team bolting away to a ten point lead and don’t appear to be in any danger of being headed at this stage.  The rest of the teams are fairly close so it should be a good battle for the minor placings.

In last weeks round Shaw’s had a clean sweep, four rubbers to nil win against Claudia McGarry’s ream, although they had to battle hard for some of those wins,

Ian Guest got things started for Shaw’s when he came back from 0-2 to beat Rod Brewer three games to two; Karen Curnow defeated Rod Brewer (sub for Margaret Durda) three nil; Rick Engsmyr beat Bill Filby ( sub for Tammy Breneger) three games to one; and Shaw had the sme result against McGarry.

The match between Rick Fuller’s and Sam Pearce’s teams was just the opposite with the results decided on points for and against after they finished with two rubbers and seven games each.  The countback of points gave Fuller’s the edge, 194 to186.

Fuller’s wins came from Katrina Heck who was in fine form to beat Wendy Olden three games to one; and Fuller beat Pearce three nil.

For Pearce’s, Tayla Heck defeated Shannon McKiernan three nil; and Gary Lewis beat Alex Smith three games to one.

In the match between Ben Lingamneni’s and Phil McGarry’s teams it was a win for Lingamneni’s, two rubbers to one (1 “no-match”).

David Carroll had Lingamneni’s on the board early when he beat Tamara Hauska three nil; and Rick Engsmyr (sub for Bernie Keast) beat Bill Filby three games to one,

McGarry had his team’s only success when beat Lingamneni three nil.

Tuesday points after round five:- Shaw’s 57; Lingamneni’s 47; Claudia McGarry’s 39; Pearce’s 37; Phil McGarry’s 30; and Fuller’s 27.

On Thursday night last week (10/07/14) it was Drew Wight’s team that had the big win with a two rubbers to one win against Tom Vermeulen’s side, awin that was almost a clean sweep.

Tamara Gill gave Wight’s a good start when she beat Glenda Hudson three games to one; and Wight had the same result aginst Vermeulen.

Grany Barnett had Vermeulen’s only win when he beat Craig Singleman three games to two.

Ben Lingamneni’s side recorded a two rubber’s to one win against Rick Engsmyr’s team in what was a very close contest.

Karen Curnow gave her side the start they wanted when she beat Eveonn Rosten three games to ne; na Lingamneni beat Engsmyr by the same score.

Tammy Breneger is enjoying some good form at present and showed this with a three gamea to one win against Alex Smith to record Engsmyr’s only win.

Emily Ward’s team had a taste of success last week with a two rubbers to nil win against Veronica Harrison’s side (1 “no-match”).

Kylie McAlister got it started for Ward’s when she beat Shannon McKiernan three nil; and Ward had a similar result against Harrison.